• Galit Silver


Galit Silver (b. 1993, Jerusalem) is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, drawing, video and sound. Her work is often based on a personal set of rituals that allow for her creative practice to emerge. Whether in the studio, the exhibition space or in the outdoors- she organizes her environment as a healing ritual, forming a safe zone. Cleaning, burning sage, working in complete solitude, in natural or low light, setting the sounds, the pace, she describes this process as developing a cocoon- like, intimate space for her creative process. 

Silver researches female rituals, traditional artistry and craft from different cultures and time periods throughout history. Her study is implemented into her material, sculptural practice through techniques such as looming silk or felting wool and working with raw clay. It also sets the premise for her spiritual approach to materials. Leaving the space for handmade imperfection is a method through which the spirit may embody itself in the chosen material, be it fabric or unburnt clay. The imprint of the hand defies the mold, the grid, the uniform. The objects that are formed bear the movement that constructed them. The energy that was put into them. The sculptural object is thus a transformative instrument pertaining both spiritual (non-material) and material compounds. Her objects and drawings lie between abstraction and figuration, suggesting fluid entities which contain a mixture of animalistic, supernatural, human traits or genders. 

Silver begins her installation process by bringing partially completed sculptural objects which she completes on site. She integrates them into the space using the same materials (plaster, clay, raw yarn, etc.) to connect them to the floors, walls and ceiling. Her installations may be seen as compositions of small, gentle arrangements harmonised into a whole. A poetic formation of materials, rhythms and mass. 



2020  “Relation\Relay” “Hamidrasha” Facility.
2019   “Tfu Tfu” solo exhibition. “Obrońców Stalingradu” Gallery, Sczcecin, Poland.

2018   “Contemporary House (Second edition)” Group Exhibition (Co-Curator). Artist run space, Tel-Aviv.

2018   “The Common Denominator” Group Exhibition,“Hayarkon 19” Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2017   “Contemporary House” Group Exhibition, Abandoned house-an artist run space, Tel-Aviv.

2014-2015   “Parsons New-School” New York. Various courses.

2016-2020   “HaMidrasha, Beit Berl” Fine Arts Degree with a Teachers Diploma. B.ed.F.A
Awards and Grants

2021  Edmond de Rothschild Foundation - Development of young artist grant

2020  AICF Graduate Exhibition award

2017   Szczekociny art students residency, Poland


Email: silvergalit@gmail.com
instagram: @galit.amalia